Friday, 22 April 2011

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I have to admit that when I created Narayume, I created myself a little bit. I found that there was a head that looked almost exactly like me and wanted a character with that head. I had discovered it while in Luxembourg when Garry and I created "us" in WoW so we could spend some time together. Obviously I didn't want to use that character as it was really meant to be reserved for long distance roleplaying, which wouldn't really work if my character was level 85 and his still level 3. So, with a heavy heart I deleted my blood elf, last Hordie on my main account, and created Narayume: A Worgen druid, my third druid overall if you don't count my low level troll druid on the secondary account. I decided to stray from my usual path of tank and try balance for a change (and am currently flirting with going resto for PvP).

So, who is Narayume? Her full name is Mary Narayume Rosefield and her in character story begins a few years before the second war, when she was born the daughter to a minor noble and one of the King's advisors. During the second war she was sent, thanks to her mother's family ties, to house Greymaine as they felt that Lordearon wasn't save for her anymore. The decision saved Narayume's life, as the rest of her family died during the fall of Lordearon. With no one to return her to, King Greymaine's family decided to allow her to continue living on the estate until any remaining relatives might come forward. However, before any relative had a chance to track her down Greymaine wall was build, thus cutting Gilneas off from the rest of the Eastern Kingdom.

Narayume was four when she arrived at House Greymaine and it wasn't until twenty years later that she stepped outside its borders again. For all intents and purposes she considers herself to be Gilnean - even going as far as renaming herself "Rosefield" inspired by the beautiful gardens of the manor, as she did not wish to bear the name of an outsider.

Being allowed to live a life of leisure, she devoted herself to studies of history and the world in general, as well as experimentations with machines. She can be fanciful, flitting from one area that might interest her to the next. She loves all things beautiful and likes to keep herself looking dignified even as a Worgen. She hopes to one day be among those that will rebuild Gilneas.

First biking post

Friday, 22 April 2011 08:33 pm
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I was hoping this would be a happy and proud post, but sadly it is not. Garry and I went cycling together, after he spent most of today driving about to get his bike. I had gone out with the bike once before that, just a wobble around the neighbourhood to get a feel for it again. Well, today we wanted to have a go at the cycle path leading to Oxford. I didn't even make it out of Wheatley. We were cycling for quarter of an hour (up hill and down hill to be fair, but nothing spectacular) and I started getting really hot and huffing and puffing. It wasn't a slow, creeping exhaustion, but a full blown attack. I got off the bike to take a few minutes break and almost fainted. In the end I sat hugging my legs on the street asking Garry what the hell was wrong with me. My blood pressured crashed. I felt sick, hot and bathed in sweat. Garry was amazing about it and offered to bring the bikes back and get me with the car, but in the end I managed to walk home - just about.

I have a blood check next week. I am really hoping they'll find something. I have biked on the stationary bike for significantly longer than quarter of an hour, I used to be on the stepper three times a week for about half an hour, I still do my push ups and other muscle work... I have even walked from here to university. I should not be fainting after quarter of an hour. I feel so bad for Garry. Any sports he does with me, I turn out to be useless at. We went jogging together and he ended up going out for an additional half an hour jog after we were done. Now he has gone out cycling with me and I have to turn around after quarter of an hour. We will try again tomorrow, but at the moment I just feel like crying.


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