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This is a journal on journeys. I love learning and I am fairly big on self improvement, but I tend to forget that everything is a journey and sometimes the way in which you get somewhere is just as important as the result. So, currently this is mainly a track off all my achievements or lack thereof. Expect game reviews, recipes, notes on my progress of biking (the goal being to bike to and from university), thoughts on random topics, ramblings on WoW and being a Moonkin in particular, attempts to get organized and be all grown up, comments on keeping fit... and anything and everything else. A (fairly bad) write up of the main "journeys" in the journal can be found here.

Who am I? I am your friendly neighbourhood pole dancing geek. Or at least I like to refer to myself as such. I am German, grew up in Luxembourg and currently studying in England. I have an undergraduate degree in Computing and Japanese, started a post-grad in Artificial Intelligence and hated it and am now doing a conversion course into Psychology. I specialize (and would love to work with) artificial neural networks. I spent a year living in Japan and am trying desperately to keep my language skills up, despite the fact I am not actively studying it anymore.

I am also ill - a lot. If there is a virus, I am likely to get it. Thus the focus on healthy food and healthy living, as I am trying to do all I can to keep my bed bound episodes to a minimum. I suffer from depression of the hereditary variety, have silly amounts of food intolerances, get very bad migraines and thanks to the large amount of pills I am swallowing have recently gained a lot of weight. My blood pressure and blood sugar levels are also not quite where they are meant to be - and no, I am not in my mid 80s if that is what might have occurred to you while reading this - I am in my mid 20s. Doctors are not having a good time with me.

What else is there? I have a lovely boyfriend of currently 5 1/2 years. He's British and we've been living together for 2 1/2 years. We both don't want children and don't get on with them particularly well. We love animals though and are hoping to get two cats and a dog at some point. The long term plan is for a German Shepard, but until we have a house that is big enough we might have to live with something a little smaller. I have fallen in love with Pomeranians and am *really* hoping to be able to afford one at some point. We are also both massive geeks and enjoy 40k, fantasy, console and computer games, RPGs (both table top and digital) and a bit of LARP from time to time. We run our own WoW guild (heavy RP), spent too much time watching murder mysteries and are massive foodies. We also own a gorgeous tent and love luxury camping.
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