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I have to admit that when I created Narayume, I created myself a little bit. I found that there was a head that looked almost exactly like me and wanted a character with that head. I had discovered it while in Luxembourg when Garry and I created "us" in WoW so we could spend some time together. Obviously I didn't want to use that character as it was really meant to be reserved for long distance roleplaying, which wouldn't really work if my character was level 85 and his still level 3. So, with a heavy heart I deleted my blood elf, last Hordie on my main account, and created Narayume: A Worgen druid, my third druid overall if you don't count my low level troll druid on the secondary account. I decided to stray from my usual path of tank and try balance for a change (and am currently flirting with going resto for PvP).

So, who is Narayume? Her full name is Mary Narayume Rosefield and her in character story begins a few years before the second war, when she was born the daughter to a minor noble and one of the King's advisors. During the second war she was sent, thanks to her mother's family ties, to house Greymaine as they felt that Lordearon wasn't save for her anymore. The decision saved Narayume's life, as the rest of her family died during the fall of Lordearon. With no one to return her to, King Greymaine's family decided to allow her to continue living on the estate until any remaining relatives might come forward. However, before any relative had a chance to track her down Greymaine wall was build, thus cutting Gilneas off from the rest of the Eastern Kingdom.

Narayume was four when she arrived at House Greymaine and it wasn't until twenty years later that she stepped outside its borders again. For all intents and purposes she considers herself to be Gilnean - even going as far as renaming herself "Rosefield" inspired by the beautiful gardens of the manor, as she did not wish to bear the name of an outsider.

Being allowed to live a life of leisure, she devoted herself to studies of history and the world in general, as well as experimentations with machines. She can be fanciful, flitting from one area that might interest her to the next. She loves all things beautiful and likes to keep herself looking dignified even as a Worgen. She hopes to one day be among those that will rebuild Gilneas.
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The journey to a healthy body: I am ill. A lot. I suffer from awful migraines and have done since my very early teens. I can't digest animal protein and quite a long list of other things. If there is a virus floating about, I assure you I will get it. Oh and I have low blood pressure, low blood sugar and am currently fighting with constant tiredness and lethargy. Obviously there is also my depression, which is also a constant battle, despite the medication.

I haven't given up though. I am always searching for things I can do, on top of taking all the pills and following the advice that my amazing doctors are giving me to improve matters. Sometimes I am more successful, sometimes I am less so. Sometimes I get frustrated, sometimes I feel successful. Under this topic there will also be The adventures of Narayume and the Bike, as you can follow me along my way of hopefully learning to bike again. I am sure there will be more, as I am hoping to write about my experiences with Kon Fu, Yoga, trying to build up my muscle mass again, healthy cooking and my beloved pole.

The journey to a healthy spirit: A combination of my own perfectionism and competitiveness as well as my depression, managed to crush most that there was of my spirit. Now I am working on getting it back. I am flirting with Buddhism and my original religion: Wicca, as I feel that my spiritually has gotten completely lost. I am not too sure how much I had in the first place and how much I need in my life, but I want to have the chance to find out. There will definitively be In the realm of the senses and tastiness, which will involve recipes and experience of a culinary delight kind, as I am a foody through and though. Kon Fu and Yoga might also feature, depending on if I ever find the mind cleansing effects that people talk off. Again, I am sure there shall be more, but I am sure the other topics will come to me as I write and time will tell which are worth writing about and which are not.

The explorations of the mind: I love learning and keeping learning up is something that keeps me happy. I will be writing about my attempts to get back into Japanese (Into the Dawn of cherry flowers), my discoveries in psychology and books I particularly enjoyed, as well as random musings. I hope the result will be worth reading. On the way to the Nobel Price will fit into here, in which I shall be writing off my working with the amazing Dr. Westermann and things that made me happy in the area of artificial intelligence.

The journey to find happiness: This will contain things that make me happy. Game reviews, camping stories, hobbies and all that makes me smile. It might seem silly that I need a journey for that, but as people who have suffered from depression are likely to know - finding happiness is not as easy as it might seem when you are dragging a massive black dog around with you.

The journey of Love: I am in a long term relationship. My amazing boyfriend Garry and I have been together for 5 1/2 years and we struggle with many issues that I am sure other couples struggle with too. Particularly my depression has done a lot of damage over the years and now we are repairing. I also feel that there is not enough written about the struggles of a long term relationship, as Disney wisely turns on the lights after the wedding kiss and summarizes the rest into "And they left happily ever after".

The journey into adulthood: Yes, with 24 I should be an adult. Really, I am still struggling with staying organised, cleaning, tidying and all the other boring things that we never thought about when the magical moment of "moving out" came.

The way of the Sun and Moon: This will contain my significantly less serious journey to becoming a good Boomchicken Moonkin or Balance spec druid. Yes, I am talking of World of Warcraft. Expect numbers, achievements, screenshots and general geekery.


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