Friday, 13 May 2011 03:58 pm
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I have holidays on the brain, despite having an exam tomorrow and being shockingly ill prepared. I can't help thinking about all the things I can finally give a try over the holidays and the ability to finally learn what I fancy learning.

Things I really need to consider for the holidays:
- I need to face matters: Apparently my body wants a minimum of four meals a day. Three meals a day just leads to silly amounts of munchies at four. So, how to put this into a sensible set up?
According to my diet, I want to eat around 1600 calories per day.
My breakfast cereal plus milk and berries, usually adds up to around 250 calories.
My morning smoothie adds another 180 to 200 calories. So Essentially around 450 calories are gone by the time I've had breakfast. Leaves me with 1150 calories. I'll presumably want around 500 calories reserved for dinner, as Garry and I enjoy eating a cooked meal at night. Thus my two other meals should be around 300 calories each. In a perfect world, I should burn around 200 calories per day too (150 with Zumba and 50 with Yoga - may be a bit more with pole dancing, but I haven't figured out my routine yet). That should either give me a proud 600 calories for dinner and 350 per meal or a small snack of chocolatey goodness. Bleh. I love my chocolate. Why does it have to have so many calories *looks over at her much loved cocoa dusted nuts and cries*
- I also don't think working for longer than six hours per day is realistic. I want holidays after all! Six hours give me six sessions of halve an hour each of actual work. I'll be wanting halve an hour for Kanji a day and halve an hour for vocabulary revision. Also halve an hour for grammar practice and halve an hour for Rosetta Stone. Ideally I should also be doing halve an hour for Japanese diary writing purposes :-/
-> Suff that HAS to happen each day: An hour of cleaning and tidying. No way around it. This flat is a tip. We have too much stuff and not enough room, so stuff will have to go!
-> An hour of exercise, plus halve an hour of cycling or walking (although I am hoping I can do the latter with Garry in the evenings).
-> An hour of working on the AI thesis. This is my future we're talking about and I want to seriously rock it!
-> Halve an hour of reading a Psychology book/listening to a lecture/writing up notes. Once a week this should have some statistics involved somewhere. Actually I'd like halve an hour of stats per day, I do love my stats!
Which leaves me with: NOT ENOUGH TIME AS PER USUAL!!!!

Let's see:
Stuff that's fixed:
-Garry leaves at 8.15 in the morning.
-Garry comes home at 6.30 at night.

7.00 - get up
7.15 - breakfast
7.30 - make lunch
8.15 - hopefully Garry leaves with lovingly prepared lunch box; Also: Return kitchen into original state
8.30 - read stuff on internetz
9.00 - exercise
10.00 - sit down
10.30 - shower
11.00 - Rosetta Stone
11.30 - break
12.00 - lunch
13.00 - read psychology/stats
13.30 - break
14.00 - Japanese grammar/reading
14.30 - break
15.00 - AI
15.30 - break
16.00 - snack! (Sandwiches? When will I prepare this?)
16.30 - tidy and clean go through stuff and throw some out
17.00 - break
17.30 - write diary
18.00 - break and then Garry will come home
18.30 - sit down with Garry
19.00 - Garry and the dishes have a date! I shall tidy and clean.
19.30 - cooking
20.30 - dinner
21.30 - walk or cycle ride
22.00 - freeeeeedom!
23.00 - bed time >.>


This is clearly not working. Just by looking at this plan I can tell that it is doomed to failure. Mainly because it looks very similar to a lot of other plans I've had :P There is no time for any instrument practice, no time for reading Japanese (although I could cycle through stuff instead of just doing Japanese grammar), not enough time for cleaning or my AI project. There is a little bit of space while Garry does the dishes though... May be my chance to clean a bit more?

I am also clearly missing Kanji and vocab time, which will have to go in there somewhere. No point in learning a language without repetition. I shall come back to this during my next break :-/


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