Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Hisashiburi, da ne?

Wednesday, 9 November 2011 12:50 pm
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My depression has gotten worse again. I am not suicidal anymore, which I am massively grateful for, but I still seem to have very little in the way of energy during the day time. For some reason my energy levels rise as soon as the sun goes down, just to be weird though (although according to a fellow depressive this is just another typical sign of depression). I need to make a doctor's appointment. I thought it was just stress from visiting my mum, but it's been a week now and there has been no improvement.

I do wonder if some of my symptoms connect with anxiety though, which is new for me as I never saw anxiety as a major problem. However, my migraines always seem to start up when I ponder doing something coursework related or tackling a task I have been putting off thanks to my depression/health/something. I might have to burry my head in "Overcoming Perfectionism" again, to see if that might help.

I had my first Tai Chi class yesterday and while it was fun, it wasn't as energetic as I was hoping it would be. I am wondering if martial arts might not be a better choice for me after all, despite my lack of fitness. I did enjoy the partner work though and am hoping there will be some sparring at some point. Possibly in the intermediate class. However, they have already announced that this particular Tai Chi school is more focused on well being than martial arts. Having said that, it would definitively provide me with a solid basis for any other martial art.

However, even after that little bit of exercise (and it was very much just little) I got a headache, followed by a spike in my depression. Urg. When they said "baby steps" I didn't quite realize how "baby".


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