Monday, 9 May 2011

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Monday, 9 May 2011 09:08 am
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2. Why did you choose your journal name?

I actually had a really hard time choosing my screen name here, as tinuviel was already gone. I have actually sent a message to the owner of the name, asking if they are interested in relinquishing it, but I am not too sure if their e-mail address is even current considering they haven't used their account in ages.

So, I started hunting for another screen name. I am not too sure why I didn't want to use Undomerel, my other standard screen name, but for some reason I wasn't happy with it. I wanted something I could write in Kanji, to stick as "my little sign" into pictures I drew and books that belong to me. About three hours later and surrounded by dictionaries I settled on Narayume. I wanted to go for something really meaningful that described the essence of my being (thus the three hours) and then got really frustrated that I couldn't find anything that even vaguely sounded nice. Narayume is a bastardization of 習夢. If you are now shouting that I am pronouncing it all wrong, yes - I know. I can't remember the correct on pronunciation, but I know that I did not like the sound of it >.> So I decided on the kun readings, which combine into Narayume. Considering quite a few Japanese words take liberties when it comes to which reading to use, I decided I could get away with some artistic freedom.

What does it mean then? Nothing really. They are just my two favourite Kanji. 習 are two wings above the symbol for white and mean to learn (習う). I always loved that picture - learning, understanding new things, gives you wings and makes you fly. True freedom is not physical, but mental. Broadening your horizon can be both literal and a metaphor.
夢 on the other hand means dream. It is the first kanji I learned to write properly and my first calligraphy of it still hangs in my mum's flat. On one hand I just think it is an amazingly beautiful kanji, on the other I do think dreaming is important. Not dreaming in the sense of dreaming while you are asleep, but dreaming of a better future, of possibilities. Not getting stuck and complacent.

Both concepts are fairly big in my life and thus the name: Narayume. I found that the name also happens to not be taken in most places, so it has fairly quickly become my new screen name for everything - including a new gamertag I started up in a fit of madness.


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